Frédéric Brenner is a French photographer best known for his opus Diaspora, the result of a 25-year search in over 40 countries to create a visual record of the Jewish Diaspora at the end of the twentieth century. Initially intending to record vanishing Jewish communities before they disappeared, the project became a probing pursuit of the multiplicity of dissonant identities of individual Jews and of the Jewish people living among the nations. As The New York Times wrote, “What he found inevitably poses the questions, what is a Jew and who, really, are ''the Jews''?”

In 2007, Brenner launched a major new project, This Place, in which he invited eleven world-renowned photographers to join him in exploring Israel as place and metaphor, to use photography as a tool to look at Israel as a living organism, with all its rifts and paradoxes. In an interview with Haaretz, Brenner said that the idea of the project is to look beyond the political narrative. Not to bypass it and downplay it. To break free of the double perspective of 'for' or 'against,' perpetrator or victim. The other photographers participating in the project are Wendy Ewald, Martin Kollar, Josef Koudelka, Jungjin Lee, Gilles Peress, Fazal Sheikh, Stephen Shore, Rosalind Solomon, Thomas Struth, Jeff Wall, and Nick Waplington. The Financial Times called it, “today at least, the most impressive line-up of photographers in the world.”

This Place, will result in a major touring exhibition, a collective book, individual monographs and other formats, including digital.